Botox, Just for Wrinkles?

botoxWPI am sure you have heard by now, some ins and outs of the smoothing effects of BOTOX® Cosmetic. Hazel0149

From 11’s to Severe frown lines- Crows feet and toes, and no this not a potion from the Looney Tunes’ concoction by Witch Hazel.

This is BOTOX® Cosmetic, rediscovered! 

Did you know?

Not only BOTOX® is claimed as the “elixir  of youth” it is also being  studied as a potential aide in the treatment of mild depression?

Let’s raise an eyebrow to that!

So besides the positive psychological effects of one’s own perspective, of  looking and feeling awesome, the belief among patients has been that because BOTOX® creates the inability to frown, it is, in a sense creating a positive feel good factor. Tying in the natural expression of looking pleasant to feeling pleasant.  Basically, a “pick me upper.”

Now of course there needs to be more rigorous studies to scientifically claim this incredible linking.

But injectors are noticing client feedback and seeing the difference.

Dr. Erika Wasserman, and Eric Finzi author of The Face of Emotion: How Botox Affects Our Moods and Relationship has taken a step further and started to evaluate this finding.  “Eric Finzi’s study with Dr. Erika Wasserman, evaluated 10 clinically depressed patients whom have never received BOTOX® injections. Two months after receiving treatment with BOTOX®, patients reported a dramatic decrease in their feelings of depression.”


So let’s tip our hats to good moods, relaxed expression, and happy clients!

To learn more about the positive benefits of BOTOX® and how it can benefit you.

Contact us Today to schedule your personalized consult.

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